The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      13 Levels of Conscious Awareness
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In this chapter we will look at a much more detailed description of the different levels.

Level one.

This is the spiritual level at which spiritual time remains constant, and will remain so for eternity, which is also the level that the universe started of from. Through myths and legends we quite often come across the phrase “The Underworld”. This will give a false impression of it existing in some dark passages beneath the planet or some other mystical places. I would like to think of the underworld as existing on a level from where it has all the time in the world not only to create, but also manage all levels of our existence in mere split seconds of our perceived time.

Level two.

This is where the smallest unit of time exists, hence the hydrogen atom. It’s also the very level used for calculating the age of the universe in conjunction with level three being the atomic level. It’s from this perspective that the universe would be perceived to be 13.8 billion years old. For those trying to get wise now, remember, I’m only using this as a reference point as to enable me to try and keep all explanations as simple as possible.

Note should also be taken that at level two, there are more moments of awareness, each containing only one unit of time or one pixel.

As we steadily progress up through the levels the moments of awareness will decrease in direct relation as to an increase of single units of time being consumed and fused together into each moment of awareness.

For this very reason we will gradually get to perceive the universe to be lasting over a shorter period of time. This is also the level at which lightning takes place, including the speed of light but based on different concepts. Is lightning and the speed of light really so fast, or is it that our conscious awareness existing on a much higher level of consciousness consuming more units of time that has been slowed down so much? This will be revealed in detail in due course where I will reveal to the world the realities of “A Solid Universe”.

Level three.

This is the molecular level where much more complicated matter exists, consisting of an infinitely amount of combinations of atoms. This is also the level at which explosions occur.

Level four.

We can also refer to this level as the control centre of our existence.

This is the cellular level and control centre of the subconscious mind, which is also the real level at which all life exists. Fortunately for us, this very level of our real existence is being hidden from our conscious minds by slowing our conscious awareness down to that which we perceive on level eight. Collectively, all the individual cells in our brains functions in unison as to accomplish all the tasks at hand enabling us to be who we are, experiencing what we do. It can be compared with the following analogy. “The very moment of joy, the moment at which you get to experience driving a car, only became possible through a long series of events producing this motor vehicle fused into that one single moment of completion or joy”. In a similar way, each and everything that any form of life gets to experience on its actual level during any one moment of awareness, is the direct result of a long series of events playing of at level four. It’s also from this very level, being level four that the spiritual world communicates with our spiritual self. When the transitional gate between the subconscious and conscious minds are opened accidentally, even for a fraction of a second, we become totally aware of our inability to move our bodies. This transitional gate is what protects us from insanity. This is the very level of our real existence taking place at a rate slower than a snails pace, but fortunately being hidden from our conscious awareness. This very fact is the truth behind sleep paralysis and much more, being discussed later on. All calculations and decision makings relating to our existence is being made at the subconscious level and passed on to our conscious level of awareness but strictly on a need to know basis. Something important to take note of is that, via our subconscious minds, our conscious minds are constantly being adapted to help us make sense of and adapt to our current environment. In fact, all levels of life are being controlled from this very level being the cellular level.

This is also the level through which it’s possible to use the power of the mind to heal yourself and others from all sorts of diseases. This level having literally all the time in the world to accomplish any such tasks, all happens in mere moments of the conscious level. We so often get to hear about all life being inter connected in some way or the other, so here it is! Welcome to the home of “The Law of Attraction”.

The only way for life to become more meaningful is to combine moments in time to enable more clarity and definition to be fused into one moment of awareness. This projects an illusion of our real existence to the level at which we experience as the conscious moment. In the case of humans it’s at level eight and dogs for example at level seven. More moments of awareness are capable of more calculations by existing in a faster level of awareness. This is also the level at which phenomena’s like sixth sense, déjà vu, sleep paralysis, dreams, speed reading etc… exists, all of which will become crystal clear in due course.

Level five.

Microbe and Bacterial level. This is the level at which viruses exists for example the aids virus. At this level all viruses would perceive the existence of humans on level eight as literally being frozen up in time. This is also the very reason why, from a humans perspective, viruses would be perceived to be mutating as fast as they do. From a viruses perspective humans are like the moon and stars taking literally ages to progress through time. In reality, the self awareness of a virus also having its own moments of awareness is also being controlled from level four. Only by sending a message to our subconscious minds being on level four, will we be able to influence our subconscious minds to alter the pattern of behavior of a virus existing on level five. Always keep in mind that whatever we wish to come to realization on our level needs to be requested from level four, but in the form of a command. Unfortunately, a virus existing on level five, and being closer to level four, can and will also request such wishes through commands to fulfill its own personal needs. Viruses being parasites feeding of our anatomies is nothing different to us being parasites on planet earth. Viruses perceive our very motions no differently than that in which we perceive the motions of our planets.

Level six.

This is the primitive life level where for example, flies, bees, and other insects etc.., exist. Level six, like all other levels, is also controlled from level four, but with a smaller difference in frequency between level four and six. Being much faster or rather containing more moments of awareness than we do at level eight, flies will see the world of humans playing of in slow motion. This is also why, from a human perspective, we perceive flies to have a much faster reaction time, which it has. I’m sure, next time you try and catch a fly, you will know better, for it’s not a fly that is so fast, but rather us being extremely slow. Sit down and watch a fly literally performing 90 degree instantaneous turns, which are way faster than our eyes, can see. In fact, it’s not our eyes that are so slow, but merely the restrictions imposed on our awareness of any one single moment of awareness via our subconscious minds.

Level seven.

Cats, dogs, raccoons, humming birds, etc... Imagine being a bird and flying through a forest having to duck and dive all the branches, eventually to enter a nest or sit down on a branch somewhere. If a human had to be in control of these maneuvers he would end up smashing into the very first branch. From the perspective of birds, having a much faster reaction time, their flight is perceived to be of a much slower duration giving them all the time in the world to maneuver as needed. Only by slowing the high pitched sounds of birds down, will we be capable of hearing and experiencing sound like they do. By existing on a higher level of awareness we need more time to take in the same amount of data as birds during a shorter period of time.

Still at level seven, the reaction time of dogs is also much faster than ours for having much more moments of awareness in relation to ours. They will perceive our every movement as playing of in slow motion as well as a day being of a much longer duration. If we look at sound, then it should become perfectly clear why dogs can hear much higher frequencies than humans. Dogs literally hear these sounds over a longer duration of time which will then sound normal to them by literally being stretched out. Dog trainers are too aware of the fact that dogs react much better to sharp short burst of commands, which to dog’s sound normal by being slowed down to their level of hearing consisting of more time. On the other hand, by calling a dog with a slow tone of voice will be very irritating to it, almost like listening to a dragged out voice recording. Because dogs have more moments of awareness in relation to ours it will also literally have a longer sense of smell, giving them those unique abilities. It’s like having more time to analyze the data.

Let’s reiterate this by assuming for this exercise that dogs perceive a day being twice as long as from the perspective of humans. As such dogs will not only perceive us all as moving half as slow than we do, but also hear all sounds dragged out twice as long. By listening to different sounds at different frequencies will have a totally different meaning to dogs? Normal speech from humans will seem all dragged out to dogs. On the other hand, if we whistle which is at a higher note, it will sound more susceptible to the minds of dogs. Dogs will receive it at a lower tone for having more time in a moment. This is also why dogs are more susceptible to quick and sharp commands when being trained, for higher notes makes more sense from their perspective of time. This is also the very reason why dogs are able to hear higher frequencies than humans, which is directly related to the frequency or level that its mind is adapted to, by having more time in a moment. After all, our perception of sound is not really about the frequency we can hear, but rather related to the amount of time available to make sense of that frequency in the constricted timeframe of our minds.

In reality, this is the very reason why we are mentally pulled further away from the realities of nature the more intelligent we become. We all know the program IDOLS where some singers are being laughed at for truly believing that they have a great voice, even with some supporters. Now being able of better understanding the levels in perception of sound will enable one to study this, which is none other than those singers hearing their own voices at a different frequency, albeit at a higher or lower level of perception of time. As such we are the real fools for not understanding the concept of time. The day has arrived where the world needs to apologize to those idols. Need I say more about our world of understanding sound?

Level eight.

This is the level of human consciousness, but specifically the level of conscious entrapment. At this level we are indeed prisoners of our minds by only being made aware of our existence on a need to know basis.

Humans believing in evolution, will base their findings on research being done at levels two and three. The concept of Evolution is usually based on for example, radiometric dating, which is ultimately reliant on levels two and three.

On the other hand, humans believing in Creation, will base their findings on how we perceive the world at this very level being level eight. Keep in mind that this very level consists of far less moments of awareness, of which each moment of awareness consists of far more units in time, but being fused into single units of awareness. One moment of awareness consisting of units of time fused together, will be stretched out over any one moment of awareness. This will give an illusion of the existence of one fast instantaneous moment of awareness at level eight, but in reality, this moment of awareness have happened over a very long duration of time, consisting of a long sequence of single units of time. Remember, any one single unit of time consists of one electron spin around the nucleus of a hydrogen atoms nucleus.

It’s almost impossible for humans to conceptualize that the universe could be 13.8 billion years old, which it is not, other than scientists deriving this age through calculations being made at atomic level, being levels two and three. From a human’s perceived point of view at this level, it would make more sense if we were to believe that the universe would at most be in the hundreds of thousands of years, if that, not nearly reaching even a million years. I have formulated a very valid formula, through which one can relate units in time at atomic level, with our perceptions in time. This formula makes absolute sense when comparing it to lost artifacts being out of place on the time scales as derived through scientific calculations. I will only reveal and explain this formula once the concept of my theory is fully understood and accepted as a reality.

Level nine.

Elephants, whales etc…At this level days and years would go by very fast giving these animals other unique abilities. These are abilities that I’ll leave to the listener which I’m sure will be figured out with ease. Whatever your conclusions about this, you should stick to it, for this is the only way that your mind will get to re-evaluate your perceptions over a period of time, constantly giving you feedback. Then at a time, when you least expect it, you will get to discover the real answer without any intervention from others only capable of influencing your unique abilities. The moment you accept someone else’s idea, your subconscious mind will accept it as a reality and as such close the incident as having reached a conclusion. Our very minds contain literally millions of these conclusions being accepted as everyday realities. Realities being none other than a mixture of misconceptions of a group of people over the centuries, never really having allowed it to become their own. Fortunately there are many truths out there having been conceived and matured in the minds of the like’s of Einstein. Einstein died the year I was born and for this very reason is my favorite. Not for having died, but for having left behind unfulfilled dreams by running out of time. He has dedicated his whole life trying to get a better understanding of it all, which has far exceeded the times he lived in.

Level ten.

This level will more than likely be attained during and beyond 2012. This is also the level where this theory will become accepted as everyday reality, a reality upon which future generations will further our understanding of the universe. This is also the very level where we will cross the mental boundaries of understanding and getting to accept alien life. Two thousand years ago our relation to aliens could have been compared to that of our current relation towards monkeys. It’s from this point on that the veils of our perceptions are soon to be lifted.

Level eleven.

I believe that this would be more or less the level that "Alien Life" exists on. By now it should have become perfectly clear that the higher we exist on the levels of awareness the more intelligent we are. At a higher level of perceptions of reality our perceptions of a day will also become much shorter. Unfortunately one of the sad realities is that the higher we climb the ladder of consciousness the more vulnerable we become to the lower levels of life by obtaining slower reaction times. This is one of the very reasons why aliens avoid humans as far as possible. Although they outsmart us by far they are no match to our physical self's as well as to our reaction times.

Level twelve.
Level thirteen.

This very moment of singularity is where our conscious self’s reaches a point of equilibrium with our spiritual self, uniting us into a single moment of awareness. All things, good or bad, eventually come to an end. The spiritual world is no exception to this rule other than being able to go through this process being one of many others with eternity being the only boundaries.

So how can we ascertain as to exactly what level humans as well as the animal kingdom and all the rest exists on.

Let’s look at one example of many.

Flicker Fusion Rate. Flicker fusion rate is the frequency at which the "flicker" of an image cannot be distinguished as an individual event. It's like the frame of a movie...if you slowed it down, you would see individual frames, but when you speed it up you will see a constantly moving image.
Humans  60
Dogs       80
Birds       100
Fly's         300
Its common knowledge that there is a difference in reaction times of the above mentioned. No need to tell you that the reaction time of a fly is much faster than that of a human. The only way a fly could benefit from the ability of having 300 flicker fusion rates is if it indeed had a longer awareness of time during those moments. The only way of having a longer awareness of time is if the fly's mind was capable of working at a faster rate than ours. But the reality is that it's our minds that actually work much slower due to the complexities of our anatomies. It could be compared to a computer where the more programs you run simultaneously the slower it will perform. The realities are that the more intelligent we become, the less the perceptional capabilities of our senses will become and the faster time will go by in our minds.
By having a longer awareness of time like dogs for example, will enable a dog to hear sound being stretched out compared as to how humans hear it, enabling a dog to hear higher frequencies. Take note that by having a longer awareness of time enables you to pack more frequency of vision and smell into that moment. If you had the nose and eyes of a dog you would not benefit from it because your mind would still need a longer moment of awareness to analyze the data to make sense of it. It's like trying to ride someone else's bicycle, but it's too big and your feet cannot reach the pedals. Only with reincarnation can you experience the universe from different levels of consciousness.
In reality our level of existence confines us within certain boundaries of awareness hence the existance of different levels of consciousness. Autism is the proof of boundaries having gone wrong, often giving those individuals unique capabilities which so called normal beings are not capable of.