The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      Creationists versus evolutionists.
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Creationists versus evolutionists.

Let’s take a look at the discrepancies between creationists versus evolutionists.

Evolutionists base their facts on atomic time at level two and three. On the other hand, creationists base their facts on events having happened at perceived time, which is based on level eight.

Geologists rely on two basic types of dating, absolute dating, and relative dating. Absolute dating establishes how many years ago a given event took place. The most important methods of absolute dating are based on the decay of naturally occurring radioactive elements.
To put it plain and simple. This means that absolute dating is based on the actual work performed over a period of time by certain of the atoms
Humans on the other hand, also consisting of atoms, functions on a much more complex series of interactions. The more complex we become, the longer the durations of the interactions of our atoms will take to complete a specific task, and as such consume much more atomic time. That sequence of moments is then fused into one perceived moment of awareness, enabling us to make sense of a combination of actions having taken place over a long period of time, but perceived as one smooth continuous moment of motion. It’s like time delay film, but hidden from our perceptions. By being fortunate to have a subconscious mind, our subconscious mind fuses more and more moments together, into single moments of awareness. This is to enable us to make more and more sense of our existence. This is also the very basis of our increase in intelligence. Uranium-two-three-eight on the other hand, remains at a relative consistent time frame. Imagine being able to visualize our existence at atomic level and speed. This would leave us viewing each atomic movement in unison with other atoms, literally taking ages before you even winked an eye, which is surely a recipe for insanity.
In other words, the more complex we become, the more atomic seconds or units in time at atomic level we will consume, only to be fused into single perceived moments of awareness. The more units of time we consume into moments of awareness, the shorter the duration of the universe will appear to be.
Now compare a moment of awareness at level eight with atomic time at level two, and you will most certainly end up totally confused, not making sense at all, of carefully researched data. Although a second hand and an hour hand of a watch make use of the same axel, traveling on the same route, it's literally years apart.

Let’s look at some examples.

Here is one example out of a million:
The star Sirius, having changed from a red star to a white dwarf, in less than three thousand years, is in direct violation of the laws of current day science. According to scientists, this event should have taken place over millions of years. As a direct result of this confusion, some scientists now claim it to be a flaw in time. This is nothing other than scientifically researched data at atomic level, or rather level two and three, being compared with “human observations existing in perceived time, which is taking place at level eight. If only both creationists and evolutionists would care to share their knowledge in a meaningful way, will they discover the way to a more meaningful future? There are currently far too many artifacts being out of place, now carefully hidden out of embarrassment in the basements of university’s and museums.