The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      Delayed Reactions
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There is a delayed reaction between the actual occurrence of any event taking place at the subconscious level and the perceived moment at conscious level where we become aware of it.

This is a new revelation that will blow your mind once it’s understood.

There is a time delay between all of our actions happening at the actual moment of the subconscious level being on level four, and the moment we are made aware of it at the conscious level being level eight. This delay in time is quite large which can easily be determined through research. Each and every moment that we experience at conscious level, has already happened quite a few seconds ago. Our subconscious minds, having to deal with an extremely large amount of data, only pass on information on a need to know basis to the conscious mind. By the time we get to experience it at conscious level, our real physical self are already way ahead of what we experience as the moment. This delay can very easily be calculated by quite a few methods.

For explanation purpose, let’s assume a delay of 4 seconds.

A guy is about to run the 100 meters in ten seconds.

This guy is no chicken and agrees to run full speed into a wall at the end of the track, head first.

He is knocked unconscious on impact.

Later when he wakes up he can’t remember running into the wall despite having a massive headache.

All he can remember is that after running for about 60 meters everything just went blank.

Allow me to explain.

Because his awareness of the conscious moment is lagging with 4 seconds, the moment he was hit unconscious, his unconscious mind could no longer perform its duty by passing data on to the conscious moment, hence the gap in recall.

As a spectator, I was able to see this collision between his head and the wall, but only four seconds after it really happened.

Please do your homework on boxers, vehicle accidents, etc… anything having caused the subject to loose instant consciousness, but this should exclude physical brain damage.

There is a huge difference between not having data written to your mind, and stored data being damage in various ways.

And now for  something even more amazing

If you were speeding through a red light, and you are able to perceive the moment being moments away from entering this intersection, you can safely assume that you have made it alive.

The question to ask is why?.

Because, if you were killed, your conscious awareness of the moment would have been cut off seconds earlier.

Having being killed, your conscious awareness of the moment would just go blank, for not having received data from your subconscious mind, which is the level at which things are actually happening.

If I had to walk up to a guy from behind a tree and shoot him, he would not experience his death although I faced him head on. He would have lost contact with the conscious moment, four seconds before I actually shot him.

This is a huge benefit to us, meaning that no person ever having died a horrible instantaneous death, have ever experienced it other than at the real subconscious moment. At the subconscious moment of our existence, things like fear and all the rest is non existent, other than being passed on to our conscious awareness to help persuade us in making the right decisions. Fear of pain etc. is non existent at the subconscious level.