The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      Dreams
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Let’s look at Dreams

Dreams consist of innumerable complexities, all depending on the situation to be resolved. Have you ever been frustrated and irritated for being in a situation where you needed to convey an hours worth of information to someone, but only had a few minutes available. It’s just not possible, or is it? Well then! Welcome to the world of dreams. When we dream, it is mostly at the subconscious level, being level four which is much faster than our conscious minds. Our subconscious minds makes use of this very fact, enabling it to pass on information, be it a lesson to be learned, a warning of some kind, or a variety of other reasons. In doing this, it conveys what you need to know, without having to impede on your conscious time frame of mind. Keep in mind that this is also the very level linked to the level of the underworld or the spiritual world. A lot of inventions throughout history are the direct result of such dreams being passed on to us from the spiritual world without our conscious awareness. Dreams are also the keys to unlocking the vaults of the universe, literally and figuratively. When you come up with a creative idea it’s automatically being passed on to your subconscious mind to request it from the spiritual world. If the time is right the spiritual world will gladly oblige and reveal it to you during one of your dreams. The very essence of my theory is proof of this, for each and every idea I have passed on to my subconscious mind, I’ve done before going to sleep. At some stage, it either appeared in a dream, or eventually just popped up in my conscious mind, most often when I least expected it. Try it and eventually you will be rewarded by the spiritual world. This is the very basis upon which “The Law of Attraction”, exists, and when being combined with your dreams, it will become very powerful.

Because our subconscious minds also needs protection from our consciousness being so slow, it waits until our physical body and conscious mind is asleep. It then makes use of everyday events and at cellular-speed creates an illusion (which we perceive as dreams) to help as adapt to our everyday life’s. Our subconscious minds accomplish this by releasing the time constraints of our conscious minds. This is the very reason why you quite often dream that you cannot move or escape from something or someone. It’s during these moments that the commands to your muscles are too fast, which is like trying to get you to walk a mile in one second. Sit down for a moment, close your eyes, and then vividly visualize in detail every single step and movement, that you would perform to stand up from your chair and walk around it once. Now keep your eyes closed, and then try to perform all these actions in a split second. It’s like having a seizure, literally driving you mad. So there you have it. This would more than likely be one of the causes for seizures.

Another form of sleep is at the conscious level, which takes place at level eight. Sometimes your subconscious mind passes dreams on to your conscious mind but at conscious speed, as if you were in a waken state, which you are not. As such the motoric functions of your body are left on. It’s during these states of dreams that you will be able to do sleep walking, for these dreams are playing of in real time.

Another essence of dreaming is to allow you the freedom to experience what any other form of life experience. All you need to do is ask for it before going to sleep and your spiritual self will take you there. You can roam the sky as free as a bird, swim like a fish in the depths of the oceans, be rich and famous, or even visit another planet. This form of dreaming is a similar form of astral projection, but just not as an out of body experience. There is a huge difference between the two, where in a state of dream you get to experience it at a physical level, but with astral projection you are merely a spectator. The very reason that we sometimes become aware of the presence of someone or something coming in close proximity of our aura’s is quite often the spirit of someone else having an out of body experience.

Of course there is much more to dreaming than what we are capable of handling, like for example Sleep Paralysis.


Let’s define a seizure.

A seizure is nothing other than the incompetence of the physical body at conscious level, to handle a sequence of commands, coming in way too fast from the subconscious mind when the transitional gate between the conscious and subconscious mind is left open.