The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      Fusing sequences of time into single moments
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Fusing sequences of Time into Single Moments.


The first signs of physical life consisting of highly advanced atomic structures unified into molecules collectively functioning as cells, initially started of at the onset of a low vibrational frequency of our solar system.
As time went by and our solar system matured it started to resonate into a higher vibrational frequency which allowed for the creation of more and more advanced forms of life.

Humans, also consisting of atoms, functions on a much more complex series of interactions. The more complex we become, the longer the durations of the interactions of our atoms will take to complete a specific task, and as such consume much more atomic time. That sequence of atomic time is then fused into one perceived moment of awareness, enabling us to make sense of a combination of actions having taken place over a long period of time, but perceived as one smooth continuous moment of motion. It’s like time delay film, but hidden from our perceptions. It’s like watching the moon transgressing from full moon to full moon over a period of 29 and a half days but only now compacted into a few minutes hiding all the days in waiting.

As the frequency level of our planet further increased, it resulted in an increase in intelligence across all levels of life. This is also the very reason why we become more intelligent from generation to generation. If we could conceive the sperm of a cave dweller from thousands of years ago, he would be no lesser intelligent than the current average human being. Something important to take note of is that all forms of life are being controlled from its cellular level without exception. It’s from this very cellular level that, depending on the complexities of the life form, that it’s perception of time is being manipulated. As such, all forms of life will perceive durations of time from different perspectives, hence different levels. The less advanced the specie, the longer the duration of time will be perceived to be, where the more advanced the specie, the shorter the duration of time that will be perceived. This manipulation of time is none other than a brilliant concept from evolution. This is accomplished by a sequence of single units of time being fused together into a single moment of awareness, and then stretched out as to correspond with the total duration of the sequence of single units in question. It’s like taking ten dots in a row, mold it into one big dot, and then stretch this very dot out to cover the very same distance as the original ten dots. Put another way, it’s like taking a thousand pictures of which each picture contains only one pixel and then fusing it into one picture, now containing a thousand pixels. There is a huge difference looking at a thousand pictures each containing one pixel being meaningless, which will take you a thousand moments to brows through. It would make more sense to create one moment that is stretched out over time and as such look at one picture containing all the pixels, enabling us to make sense of the picture. This concept of time will be explained in detail in due course.

The very essence of a highly debatable theory of Evolution or Creation for that matter is based on the manipulation of time, which incidentally is one and the same thing, but seen from different perspectives. This is the very reason why we have never been able to make real sense of the universe and our discoveries. Our confusion is the direct result of being caught up in manipulated time. In reality, the perception of time, or rather a perceived moment of awareness is manipulated in various degrees across all forms of life. As such, different species will perceive the duration of time from a different level, giving it a completely different perspective of our existence. It’s like gradually changing from low definition to high definition filming. Let’s assume the duration of the universe as being a memory stick, a camera’s shutter representing time, and the camera itself our conscious awareness. The faster our conscious awareness allow the shutter to open and close, the less memory it will use with each burst containing less definition or a less complex form of life, allowing us to take a much longer film. The longer our conscious awareness allows the lens to remain open, the more memory will be consumed or the more complex the life form, hence more definition resulting in a much shorter film. Only once this concept is fully understood, will you get to better understand the real logical reasons for the different reaction times among different species. Different frequency capabilities in hearing, different abilities for smell, different perceptions of light and much more will also become crystal clear. All of this is achieved through the subconscious mind existing at cellular level, which by slowing down or speeding up the consciousness, is what enables different species to adapt to its environment. This in turn will portray an illusion of the real essence of our existence, but only revealed on a strictly need to know basis.

This is a truth that will eventually reveal itself as you gradually get to understand this concept.