The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      Our existence in the universe
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Where it all started, the first moments for Time.

Before the big bang, time was non existent, as there was nothing physical to measure. Time as we know it now, is merely a way of dividing the beginning to the end of the universe into measurable moments. Only by doing this are we capable of making sense of it all, or at least so we thought. The very basis, upon which time exists, can never be changed, although it can be manipulated to help us make sense of all matter through its different stages. It’s the very manipulation of time, through the different stages of the universe, which gives purpose to the universe. When the universe initially started of, hence the proposed and generally accepted Big Bang theory has it accelerated in direct relation to its expansion and is currently still doing so. Only once my theory is fully understood will I dare to explain my theory relating to the universe. Whether you believe in the universe just eventually going to expand into oblivion, or maybe in the big crunch or anything else like a closed loop really does not matter, at least not for the moment. What we will concern ourselves with is that from the beginning to the very end, there is a series of events, contained within events etc… that have and still will occur.

The universe can be compared to rain drops falling in a pond, creating millions of spherical events interacting with each other as well as appearing and disappearing at different intervals.

Galaxies in the universe is no different, it also comes and goes at different intervals. Each and every single form of matter has cause and affect on everything else, which will eventually come full circle on itself. Even the absence of matter has cause and effect without which something has to exist in it’s absence once again changing the outcome.

Contained within each galaxy, exists an abundance of solar systems. These solar systems all interact at different rates as well as being created during different intervals. In turn, each solar system consists of a series of planets including a sun. Similar planetary systems to ours will most certainly exist throughout the universe. The basic rules of the universe must, and always will apply throughout all the galaxies and solar systems without exception. As a direct result of this, similar types of planets will be created which most certainly need not be explained. We can refer to this as the behavioral pattern of matter inevitably reaching a similar outcome throughout the universe. All planetary systems coming into existence will evolve through different stages, or put another way, will increase in momentum which can be directly related as to going through different levels of Vibrational frequencies.