The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      Our minds being brainwashed
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From the very first day we are born, our brains are being programmed by our parents, teachers, family and friends and whoever happens to cross our paths.

The result is that in a way we’re destined to think in a similar way, resulting in a similar outcome. All our brains are wired differently which makes us all unique individuals, but yet we are being led to the slaughter houses of the minds to be stripped from our very own thoughts and perceptions.

The time has come for us to take responsibility for our own thoughts and ideas and to not just accept the thoughts and ideas of others, present or past, no matter how real it might seem, for the truth is in the eyes of the beholder.

Sometimes the insensible makes more sense, than sense itself. We all have a heightened sense of curiosity only to be suppressed by fear of status ridicule and peer pressure, but deep inside we are all one and the same, being shared by our subconscious minds without our knowledge. There is more truth to the saying, “two heads are better than one”, than what one would like to believe.

We should learn not just to accept anything although it might be a fact, but learn to question those facts within the unlimited boundaries of our own minds, without the limiting influences of others. Boundaries should only exist outside our perceptions. Our brains are very powerful and much better at working things out in the reality of our subconscious minds.

One only needs to look at the history of knowledge and as to how it kept on being rectified to eventually conceptualize something totally different. To think that we are now less capable of the mistakes of those that lived in the past is to live in a delusional world.

About my Theory.

Although I have no doubt that some of the contents of my theory will change, the very essence of the logic behind my theory will remain as solid as the universe itself.

Only by carefully studying and getting to understand my theory will you discover atomic-time which is linked to our subconscious minds versus perceived-time which is directly linked to our conscious minds. There is an undeniably huge time difference between our conscious and subconscious minds which is directly linked to the different levels of our conscious awareness. This ever increasing time difference between our conscious and subconscious minds is also the very reason for the increase in our intelligence which you will discover during the course of studying this theory. As a result of this you will also discover that our subconscious minds are in fact communicating at a much faster time frame than we can possibly imagine. Although we believe our very own thoughts to be private, it is only true on a conscious level. At the subconscious level of our minds we can hear the very thoughts of others loud and clear but hidden from our perceptions.
This theory is guaranteed to change your perceptions of our existence in such a dramatic way that you will see life from a total new perspective. Your understanding of our existance in the universe will never be the same again. I also guarantee most of you many sleepless nights as well as your thoughts taking over your mind when you least expect it.

Although this site has been written in a very plain and simple way to be understood by most, I could most certainly take it to any level if I so wish, but then who would remain to understand it as the very plain and simple truth is still only but a mystery.

Why I ask, why has it been missed for so long, by so many, especially among the brilliant minds of our times? In my theory I cover exactly that question by explaining the phenomena of time relating to the logical functioning of our brains. Again as I mentioned earlier on, only one single unifying theory being "the Reality Of Time" relates to absolutely everything in the universe explaining everything without exception.