The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      Spiritual World ( Not Religion )
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Let’s concentrate on the spiritual world for a moment.

Remember this has nothing to do with religion and for those that so wish can change the word “spiritual self” with “subconscious awareness”.

This is where we come in. With “We”, I’m referring to our spiritual self’s, for our physical self’s at this stage have not yet existed. Only once a solar system has reached a specific atomic age and momentum hence a specific Vibrational frequency, will it be viable for the spiritual world to enter. It’s from this moment on that a united spiritual world, that is “the united subconscious awareness” will enter and start the creation of a livable planet through the manipulation of physical matter. From this point on a variety of life forms will start to appear as if by magic although initially at a lesser level of awareness.

Take note that the different levels of awareness will be explained in due course to become crystal clear. Different levels of awareness are dependent on different Vibrational frequencies which can only come into existence at specific stages of the planetary systems.

It’s only by occupying a physical world of matter that spirits can experience all the joys of pleasure and pains and all the rest at a physical level, where without physical occupancy spirits will be very aware of the physical world but unable to participate. Without any atomic matter, hence a physical world, spirits will be lost like a wind, without cause and purpose, and being caught up in the vastness of eternal time and empty space.

The first signs of physical life consisting of highly advanced atomic structures unified into molecules collectively functioning as cells, first started of at a much lower frequency than that of the spiritual world. This large difference in functional speed or time, between the spiritual and physical world will make conscious interaction between the physical and spiritual levels very difficult. Albeit the spiritual world operating at a much higher frequency in relation to a much lower frequency of the physical world.

As time passed and our planet increased in frequency it enabled the spiritual world to create more and more advanced life forms which is ultimately dependant on matter resonating at and between very specific frequencies. As time went by and the frequency levels of our planet increased even further it allowed for the creation of more and more advanced forms of life.

Something to take note of is that the moment a spirit enters a life form of matter; it is ultimately bound to that matter until its demise. In Astral Projection you so often hear about your spirit being bound to your physical body by a Silver Cord. This is the very reason why certain cultures will cremate the physical body of a deceased. This is done to free the spirit in not having to wait until its physical body is in an advanced state of decomposition for this is the only way a spirit can regain freedom from spiritual entrapment. When a spirit enters a physical life form it’s like entering a maze from where there is no escape as the entrance closes behind it, latching its silver cord onto this physical form. This can be referred to as spiritual entrapment. During astral projections your spiritual self will be pulled back to your physical self instantly whenever you so wish or during any moments of fear, and as such there are no possibility of becoming detached from your physical self. Any spirit contained inside a physical form will loose all recall of its spiritual self due to the big difference in frequency levels while the physical self is in a waken state. Spirits live at a much faster rate at the spiritual level, than at the level of our physical self’s, resulting in days of decomposing at physical level to become years in waiting at spiritual level.  During the time that a spirit is bound to a life form, it will only experience the physical world during times of a waken state. Keep in mind that the awareness of time at a physical level is taking place at a snails pace but hidden from our perceptions, with the spiritual world happening extremely fast. Something else to take note of is that while a spirit awaits its release from a physical form after death, it will be able to roam the world at the spiritual level as if its physical form was in a state of sleep. The spirit is temporarily caught up in a state of astral projection as long as it’s dead physical self have not yet decomposed. This is also the very reason for people having near death experiences. You will often hear about people having been clinically dead for long periods of time, and then when life is regained for various reasons, the spiritual self is drawn back instantaneously. Instantaneously from a physical perspective is nothing other than a long duration at the spiritual level.

Here is something interesting I came across on the internet that relates to my theory.

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley was speaking on the telephone when a thunderbolt hit the phone line and he was thrown physically into the air. He found himself floating above his body, until, in the ambulance, his heart stopped for 28 minutes and he was propelled down a tunnel, emerging into a bright light. In the presence of a bright silver being, he had a life-recall experience in which he re-lived all the times in his life when he had affected others, and he felt the pain and joy he had given them – a classic self-judgment process. Following this, he was taken to a crystal city, where he was shown over 100 scenes from the future – major world events that have nearly all come to pass in the intervening years. These included the Gulf War, the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear facility, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, technology breakthroughs and climate change. His visions concluded with seeing an escalation of Earth changes that coincide with “the return of an energy system that existed here a long time ago,” and that this will be particularly focused on 2011-2012. Then, between 2012 and 2014 there will be a geomagnetic reversal and the whole scenario will present a spiritual consciousness-raising opportunity for humankind.

Dannion Brinkley’s experience, ties in perfectly with my theory for this is the only way he could have had an encounter of such a long duration within a duration of only 28 minutes. He could only have received all this information if the spiritual world indeed transpired at a much faster rate than that of ours.

Another interesting article is that of Albert Hoffman.

He has done research on ‘Altered states of awareness” by using drugs. What caught my attention is the fact that when they induced a mushroom trip there were a confusion of the senses. (i.e. seeing sounds as colors, time distortions and “moments of eternity” etcetera.) Once I read this I realized that my theory that you are currently learning are spot on, hence our perceptions of time. This will also become crystal clear as to why certain individuals other than those caused by drugs can actually see sound as color and much more. As a appetizer for now keep in mind that sound and color is nothing other than different frequency lengths, and by having more time during any one moment of awareness will cause  your senses to perceive these frequencies  differently.  

By having yourself put into cryonic suspension is nothing other than imprisoning your spiritual self for literally millions of years at the spiritual level. Although such a spirit will be able to roam the spiritual world, it will be unable to yet again enter a new physical form of life, for being literally chained to its current physical self. Human corpses being caught up in a frozen state such as the North or South Pole for that matter entrapping it's spirit, will ultimately have their spirits running havoc among the world until the physical demise of it's human vessel. This will cause such a spirit to literally hijack another form of life although it’s already being occupied by another spirit. This will cause all sorts of negative effects in that physical hijacked body, now receiving commands from more than one spirit, trying to control it. It’s like driving your motor vehicle down the road with your wife and kids trying to tell you when to turn, brake and all the rest. It only causes confusion and ultimately will result in yourself crashing your motor vehicle. Our physical self’s is no exception to this rule. This is quite evident if we look at how many humans are being possessed by demons. This is the result of nothing other than desperate spirits trying to find a way out of eternal entrapment. Captured spirits like this will inevitably cause all sorts of problems at physical level when and where ever they can.

It’s nothing other than an astral projection, but only on a permanent basis until such a time that the physical self has been destroyed finally releasing the spirit by destroying the golden cord. Each and every human on this planet experience astral projections on a regular basis but being hidden from our conscious self. Astral projections can very easily be accomplished by knowing how it works, but it’s not recommended, not even for one moment. The spiritual world is not to be taken lightly unless you are prepared to live with the consequences. It’s imprisoned spirits like these that will desperately and continuously keep trying to escape from their physical entrapment.

With the expansion of the universe as such, all matter will increase in momentum resulting in matter becoming faster or higher in frequency. With our physical self’s being part of this acceleration we will also gradually gain a higher frequency of existence, moving us ever closer to the frequency level of the spiritual world. 

All links and awareness with the spiritual world are lost the moment the subject is in a physically waken state; but yet be able to communicate on a spiritual level during periods of sleep. The spirit in question being possessed by this life form, will experience physical reality at the rate of matter albeit at a much slower rate. Reality meaning the ability to make use of all known physical senses to interact with other spirits on a physical level, enabling it to share pleasures and all the rest. Something else to take note of is that for every year a spirit occupies a physical form, hundreds or even thousands of years would have passed in the spiritual world. In turn when looking at the physical world from a spiritual level, would reveal a physical world literally frozen up in time.

Remember: frequency meaning the rate of interaction between the atomic structures of matter in direct relation as to its momentum caught up in an ever expanding universe.

This theory is not intended at going into religion for the viewpoints of all individuals are highly respected. But with permission, one thing certainly worthwhile mentioning is a phrase from the Bible. “One day is like a thousand years to God”.

As time goes by, the acceleration of all matter contained in an ever expanding universe will inevitably cause all physical forms to function at an increased rate or frequency. The frequency or rate of existence of the spiritual world which exists outside the boundaries of matter will always remain constant. Because the physical world of matter is ever expanding and accelerating, the difference in time between the physical and spiritual world will gradually decrease bringing us closer to unison. In other words the difference in frequencies will move closer to harmony as the physical years goes by, enabling our physical self’s to become more and more aware of our spiritual self.

Eventually the frequency of our physical self’s will get so close to equilibrium with the frequency of the spiritual world that it will spontaneously start to resonate without any further a due. This will become the last moments towards uniting the spiritual and the physical worlds into a moment of singularity. We are rapidly approaching such a stage where we will reach a moment of singularity between the physical and the spiritual level. This is the moment we will become aware of our spiritual self occupying a physical world, uniting the entire spiritual and physical as being one working towards the same ultimate goal. This moment of singularity will most definitely not occur during 2012 or even the near future.

Collectively we are only part of something much bigger. As individuals, this unfortunately is out of our comprehension, only to be revealed closer to the end of finality. We are soon to realize that all of our actions towards others were nothing other than aiming it at ourselves. Eventually we will get to once more depart from a planet having reached too high a frequency, only to start the whole process all over. This will once more happen at a solar system or galaxy of our choice having reached the required frequency. The end of our solar system is much closer than we would like to believe, but for the moment being hidden from our perceptions. But rest assured, we still have a few thousand years left, no less, no more.