The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.      The inner minds doorway to a new world of understanding.
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Incidentally, all discoveries ever been made by humans is nothing other than ideas being passed on from the spiritual world at the right moment in time when it matter most.

Each and every discovery, every single preconceived idea, present or past, including all future discoveries and ideas, has existed among the spiritual world over all eternity.

Before revealing the proof relating to all of this and much more, it’s necessary to further our understanding of the principals of time itself.

The inner minds doorway to a new world of understanding.

The following lesson is one of the most important lessons that you will ever learn in the history of mankind. This very concept is the doorway through the mind to a new world of understanding, something which has eluded mankind for far too long.

To commence with this lesson, it’s first necessary to define a unit of time versus a moment of awareness by definition as well as defining spiritual time.

To enable one to come to a conclusion of any kind, you ultimately need a reference point from where one can establish some common ground.

We will also define a picture to further our understanding of this concept of time.

Take serious note of the fact that this is purely for explanation purposes enabling one to grasp the concept of time.

Let’s define a unit of time.

For every single completed rotation of an electron around the inner orbit of a hydrogen atom’s nucleus one unit of time exists.

Whether the universe accelerates or not does not matter, one unit of time will unconditionally be bound to one rotation of a hydrogen atoms electron. As such a single unit of time is not reliant on time as we know it but rather as a unit of work performed. As such, to enable us to better understand the concept of time, we will now assume for explanation purposes that for every one unit in time that come to pass, a single pixel will be created.

Let’s define a picture.

Depending on the resolution of a picture, it can consist of any number of pixels. The more pixels, the more definition it will contain. Technically a picture could consist of only one pixel, but that would be pointless, which defines only one unit in time as also being pointless.

Let’s define a spiritual moment.

A spiritual moment is of the same duration as that of the very first unit in time. It’s very important to note that a spiritual moment, constantly keeping track of spiritual time in the spiritual world, will always remain constant, unbound and unaffected by space, matter or anything else. But yet, despite one atomic unit in time only reflecting one pixel, during that same moment a spiritual moment will contain millions of pixels.

Let’s define a single moment of awareness.

The very first moment of awareness consisted of only one unit in time or one pixel.

It should be duly noted that although awareness only became possible during the first forms of life, this is for explanatory purposes only, enabling the conceptualization of the concept of this theory.

Only during the very first moment of awareness was one unit of time equal to the duration of one spiritual moment. One moment of awareness should also be seen as the shutter of a camera staying open just long enough to capture one unit in time or one pixel. This will also represent one picture containing only one pixel. If the duration of the universe from beginning to end had to be perceived from moment to moment, where each moment contained only one unit of time, then the very purpose behind the existence of the universe would have been equally meaningless.

One moment of awareness can consist from one up to any amount of sequential units in time, which when fused together will represent one picture, or moment of awareness. One moment of awareness should also be seen as the shutter of a camera staying open as long as needed for the units of time to be captured as one moment of awareness displaying all the combined units in time represented as pixels displaying one picture.

With the expansion of the universe, all matter gradually speeds up, of which a hydrogen atom is no exception.

Despite a unit of time also gradually speeding up as the universe expands and accelerates, the duration of a spiritual moment will always remain constant, unaffected by this all.

Our realization of any one moment of awareness, initially consisting of only one unit in time or pixel, can be compared to the shutter of a lens, only taking one picture at a time, consisting of only one pixel. As the universe accelerates, the shutter speed will also accelerate, constantly only capturing one moment of awareness still consisting of only one unit in time. Only by keeping the shutter open for a longer duration, will it enable you to capture more units in time, hence more pixels. By fusing these captured units in time into one picture, or rather one moment of awareness, will enable you to encapsulate more definition or more pixels, hence more advanced life forms. With other words, only by slowing down the shutter speed of the camera, will you enable it to capture more units in time, resulting in the creation of one picture which will consist of more pixels? Thus, it can be safely assumed that, only by slowing down your awareness, which can be compared to the longer duration of a shutter, will you be able to gain more clarity, enabling you to make more sense of the moment.

Who or whatever controls this shutter speed is in control of how we perceive the universe, which in this case is none other than the spiritual world. Only once this concept is fully understood, will one literally be able to discover doorways, doorways which will open up like magic, allowing one to enter into a new world of understanding, literally explaining everything. Endure with me and I will take you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s also of the utmost importance to note that each time the shutter opens and closes, no matter how long or how short the duration of this shutter, only one combined moment of awareness will be captured, hence one picture or one combined event.

The opening duration of the shutter controls the amount of data or definition that will be captured during this one perceived moment of awareness.

Another very important concept to understand is that our perceptions of time pertaining to the duration of this perceived moment of awareness will always feel the same. It does not matter how many single moments in time any one of these perceived moments of awareness contains. It’s like a slide show containing low and high definition pictures. Low definition meaning few units of time versus high definition meaning many units of time, either way fused into one moment of awareness. No matter how many low or high definition pictures you look at during a slide show, the duration of viewing each picture will remain the same. The less data or definition we capture with each click of the camera the longer our film will be. The more data or definition we capture during each captured moment of awareness, the shorter our film will become. With other words, the less units of time we fuse into single moments of awareness the longer the duration of the universe will appear to be and vice versa.

Different species would perceive our existence on earth at different rates of existance. The less complicated the species, the less units in time needs to be fused together to encapsulate the moment. As such, it would perceive a day to be lasting for a much longer duration than we do. Humans, being much more complicated specie, will need much more units in time fused together during any one perceived moment of awareness, and as such perceive the universe as lasting a much shorter duration as well as days being shorter. As mentioned earlier, the more intelligent we become the more units in time needs to be fused into single moments of awareness resulting in our perceptions of time to become shorter as we grow older. There is only so much units of time in a day, and the more units of time being fused into single moments of awareness the less moments of conscious awareness will be available in a day. 

Stretching and compressing time.

There is only one possible way of having more available time during a human perceived second. To think that you can fiddle with time and slow it down is outright impossible.
Only by speeding up human consciousness can you have more time during a second. If your mind had to work hundred times faster, then time indeed would seem to last hundred times longer but would be fatal for your physical body as it would be physically impossible to keep up. You would literall rip your limbs apart as it has not been designed to endure any actions at such a tempo. This is the very reason why our conscious awareness is slowed down as to enable us to cope with our physical constraints and to enable us to adapt to our environment. This is why we have a subconscious mind which is the master and gate keeper constantly adjusting our conscious awareness. Our subconscious minds itself works thousands of times faster unbound from our physical constraints. As such it should become self evident that a second in a humans life is far longer than we realize, but due to the fact that our conscious awareness has been slowed down thousands of times we perceive a second to be of a very fast duration. Different species have different constraints of time imposed on them giving it a total different perspective of time as well as perceiving light, smell, sound etcetera differently.
By stretching and compressing time can easily be accomplished by speeding up or slowing down a sound recording. A dog have a longer perception of time of about one and one third of that of humans. This is also why dogs react better to short sharp commands and not to dragged out speech. A fast human command sound normal to a dog but a normal human command seems all dragged out to it and very boring and destructive.
Unfortunately stretching and compressing light is not that simple to demonstrate. Although a video recording can be slowed down to visiulize how a dog see the world in motion is accomplishable, but all light reflected is seen quite differently by it having more time during a second. (one and one third). If a human see a spectral of light at say 600 nm then a dog will see that very same light as to how we see a light at 450 nm. (600 divided by 1.333 equals 450 nm). Only by converting the whole light spectral in a video recording accordingly will we be capable of seeing how a dog sees it. The same applies for smelling, touching, and all the rest. This is also the very reason why different species have vast difference in the anatomies of eyes, ears, noses etc...
It's purely because it's the best suited for it's own unique perceptions of time. If a dog were capable of perceiving time as slow as we do, then it's senses would no longer be adequate for it's survival. As such it's our perceptions of time which depicts as to how our senses adapts to our environment. Perceptive capabilities of different wafe lengths is directly dependant on the perception of time. An increase in human intelligence is in direct relation to a decrease in time which is a huge penalty to pay.
As such we can define that when time appears to be slower, all wafe lengths will appear to be stretched out and where time appears to be faster all wafe lengths will appear to be compressed. At different levels of perceptions of time will exist different upper and lower boundaries of frequency awareness.
I'm very aware of the fact that i'm repeating myself along these chapters, but i just cannot emphasize enough how important it is to grasp the concept of time. It's like learning to ride a bike, the more you do it, the easier it becomes until it becomes naturally.