The Reality of Time
Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Time, an Illusion of our minds.
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What is Time?


By asking what time is, then I’m not referring to Einstein’s theory of relativity. There is a critical question that yet remains to be asked as well as being answered. Where on the scale of time are we as humans in relation to our awareness? Allow me to clarify my question. As humans our whole existence is based on seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc… But should we really contemplate time at this scale just because we fall into this spectrum of time. To better understand where I’m heading let’s first look at some of our perceptive capabilities.

Arguably we could say that humans can reasonably contemplate and relate to time ranging from within the range of seconds to years. Anything beyond those boundaries becomes more difficult to comprehend and relate to. If we look at the flicker fusion rate of humans ranging from about 60 frames per second in bright light to about 25 frames per second in dim light then we can safely assume that 25 – 60 frames per second is more or less our perceptive capabilities of vision relating to movement, and yet other species are far beyond and or above these. Any movements above this rate will be as if it never occurred. Further more we are capable of observing light in the region of 400 – 700 nm once again depriving us the ability to observe the light spectrum beyond these boundaries but yet some animal species are capable of exceeding these boundaries by far. As for our hearing capabilities, it falls in the range of about 64 – 23,000 hertz once more depriving us from hearing sounds beyond those boundaries and once more observable by other species. All of these observational abilities fall within the constraints of our conscious minds. Even our rate of thinking and comprehension falls within very specific boundaries of our conscious minds and I’m sure different from some other species. This brings us to the big question! Could we any longer afford to assume that the whole universe is playing of at the rate of human perceptive capabilities contained within the boundaries of our conscious minds, or should we seriously reconsider exactly where we fit in on the spectrum of time?

Yes you heard correct, we should seriously consider drawing up a spectrum for the perception time.

All species have different visual, hearing, smelling, thinking and motoric limitations, and most certainly has different perceptions of time. For this very reason alone I believe that a spectral line for time should also be established. A fly have the ability to comprehend and fuse about 300 moments per second by having a flicker fusion rate of 300 per second. This would most certainly mean that it’s comprehension of time is at least five times as fast as that of humans, or rather the truth being, as humans our comprehension of our environment is five times slower than that of flies. This would not only explain why flies are so fast at out maneuvering our efforts to catch it, but also why they seem to find food so fast, food that give of odors like cabbage for example. This would also mean that a day would be very long in the minds eye of  a fly while at the same time perceive humans to be moving five times as slow as to our awareness, but as humans we perceive flies to be very fast. Dogs comprehend a day about one and a half times as long as humans, and when we look at their smelling capabilities, one should realize that although there smelling capabilities is far more advanced than ours, they also literally have longer time available in which to make sense of the smell as if it’s being stretched out. If a human could read a book in one hour, a fly if it could would read that book five times over and a dog one and a half times during the same time.

Different species have a total different perception of time, and as such it’s perception of its environment and that of its existence is far more different from ours, way more than we realize. All sounds that we hear are stretched out to dogs which explains why they better respond to sharp short bursts of voice commands.


Let’s look at the speed of light being 300,000 kilometers per second. Humans having a flicker fusion rate or put another way, an awareness capability of about 25 frames per second would mean that we can observe the position of that photon only about once every 12,000 kilometers. (300,000 divided by 25 equals 12,000.) Every position in between of this photon is totally lost to our perceptions. If you take your time and consider this fact very seriously, you would get to realize that our perceptive capabilities of time are very limited. Our perceptive capabilities are like a strobe light only catching very small glimpses of time in between. Now let’s assume that we are capable of observing this photon at one kilometer intervals. For this to happen we would need to have a flicker fusion rate of 300,000 per second and by actually only having about twenty five would make us feel as if time slowed down 12,000 times. If you now consider this very carefully, you would come to the conclusion that time has to slow down, but in reality your mind would have had to accelerate 12,000 times to enable you to observe each moment. To be able to observe this photon every one meter would mean that your mind will have to accelerate 12,000,000 times and to observe this photon at increments of every one millimeter would need your mind to accelerate 12,000,000,000 (billion) times. Only problem is, at 12 billion times your minds computing power at any one of those moments would be so limited or even non existent which is why it needs to consume millions of those single moments at millimeter intervals to comprehend anything. So there you have it, our awareness of time (conscious minds) are slowed down on purpose as to enable our conscious minds more computing power enabling us to comprehend occurrences in such a way that it makes sense. As a direct result of this, vast amounts of time are lost or rather being fused into fewer moments of awareness which allows us far greater comprehension of our environment. This is the very reason why we perceive time to go by much faster the older we get, but in reality it’s our subconscious minds continuously adjusting our perceptions of time as to allow our minds more computational power.


In reality it’s not light, lightning, explosions and similar occurrences that’s so fast, but rather our perception of time that’s so slow. By understanding this fact allows one to make sense of literally all phenomenons’ out there which also explains why our subconscious minds are not accessible from the conscious level of the mind.

If one revolution of an electron was visualized by an atom as one second, and assuming for ease of calculations that the circumference was one millimeter, then one second passing at human level would feel as if about 380 years have passed from the perspective of that atom. That would be the equivalent of us watching “Pluto” revolving around the sun about one and a half times.


Let’s consider time from another perspective.


You close your hand by making a fist which takes you one second while at the same time you wish you could see the interactions of all atomic matter involved that your hand consists of.

Your wish came true and you just gained supernatural microscopic vision and are now capable of looking at your hand at microscopic level. The only problem is that the electrons spin so fast and despite having vision at microscopic level everything appears to be solid and standing still. Then you realize that atomic matter literally spin at the speed of light which is why it appears to be standing still. So you wish for and gain another supernatural ability, allowing you to slow down time, by means of speeding up your mind. After a few attempts you just can’t understand why it doesn’t seem to work until you realize that your perception of time has also slowed down, and no matter how fast or slow you make time it always feels to be lasting of the same duration which is described by Einstein’s theory of relativity. So what you do now is you detach your mind from the rest of your body and walla, you are now indeed capable of slowing down time. You slow time down to half the speed which is only achievable by doubling the speed of your mind, but to your amazement you realize that now it takes your hand twice as long to open or close. As you gradually slow time down by speeding up your mind you realize that it takes you longer and longer to open and close your hand. You slow time down sixty times and realize that it now takes you one minute to close your hand. You now slow time down one thousand times and realize that it now takes you 1000 / 60 = 16.6 minutes to close your hand. At that moment the sun rises and you can actually see the light rays of the sun traveling across the sky at 300 kilometers per second consuming the darkness in front of it like a curtain being drawn open across the sky. You now slow time down one million times and realizes that it now takes you 1,000,000 / 60 seconds / 60 minutes / 24 hours = eleven and a half days to open your hand. Light is now only traveling at 300 meters per second. Even at this stage you realize that at microscopic level the atoms are still moving so fast that although your hand appears to be frozen in time you still cannot see the atoms moving as it all still appears to be in a solid state. This makes you realize that to view the atoms movements at atomic level you will have to become immortal, slow time down even further to watch the atomic movement of your hand. If you were indeed immortal with a lot of patience you could look out over the vastness of the universe over millions of years and see how the galaxies comes to live. When looking at Quantum Mechanics then this should make you realise just why the position of an electron is so unpredictable. It's like trying to predict the position of our planetary system in the universe a million years from now.

In short, if we were indeed to experience time at atomic level our whole existence as humans would play of at the snails pace of the universe which would make our existence meaningless. It’s for this very reason despite the fact that we indeed exists so slow and over a very long duration of time that our perception of time has been slowed down so great as to give the illusion that we live as fast as we believe we do. This illusion is achieved and imposed on our conscious minds through our subconscious minds which otherwise would not have been possible. These actual long durations of time is fused together into meaningfully perceivable moments of which for example 25 such perceivable moments makes up the flicker fusion rate of our awareness which in total we perceive as one second. The more intelligent the specie the more time needs to be fused together into single moments of awareness to enable our minds to do the necessary calculations to help us make sense of our existance in the way that we do. But the more advanced and intelligent we become the more real units of time we will forfeit which are why the older we get the faster we sense time to pass. During the Stone Age humans perceived a day of a much longer lasting duration. Time is indeed a hefty price to pay for technological and intellectual advancement. The question to ask is, is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Levels of Awareness.
How often have you been fascinated by and ventured into subjects like, The Law of Attraction, Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, Mind Power, Psychic Abilities, Hypnosis, Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Walking, Astral Projection, Out of Body Experience, Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, Reincarnation, Perception of Time, Sixth Sense, Déjà vu, Speed Reading, Photographic Memory, Aura's, Human Magnets, Vibrational Healing, Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Aqua Puncture, Psychology, ADHD, Vision, Light, Sound, Smell, Aliens etc…
There are literally thousands of questions that remain to be answered with a more logical explanation. There are just too many questions with answers that won’t jell in my mind, and I’m sure in yours as well.
Why can our brains only survive for a period of about 180 – 300 seconds without oxygen before it dies? Surely through evolution or creation provision would have been made for a possible event of oxygen deprivation. Why is the lifespan of humans, dogs, elephants, and crocodile’s etcetera so vastly different? How it is possible that light can travel at 300,000 kilometers in one second and why is lightning so fast? Why would fly’s, birds, cats, dogs, and many more species have a much faster reaction time than we do? Surely if the purpose of natural selection is to ensure us all of the best abilities, hence survival of the fittest, then why can’t we smell like a dog, see like an eagle and run like a leopard which raises yet another question. Should we believe in evolution or creation and if so, is there place for the underworld to exist in either or? Also, perceiving ourselves to be intelligent specie and being on top of the food chain, why haven’t we acquired a more advanced sense of smell, vision, hearing and all the rest? Surely if evolution is to be correct, then by natural selection we should have ended up possessing the best of the senses as well as having acquired more of the other unique abilities existing among other species. The truth lies in the fact that certain observations and experiences is only possible within specific spectrums of time which consists of specific amounts of units of time combined or rather fused together into single moments of awareness. 
It’s also impossible for me to conceptualize that the universe could be 13.7 billion years old and that it took us millions of years to evolve, which raises another question. What is time really and is Einstein’s theory of relativity not really a one way street, indeed leading us on the right path but in the wrong direction. Instead of looking outwards into the cosmos to understand time, maybe it's time that we start looking inwards and really get to understand time on the microscopic level. The universe exists from micro to macro and not the other way round. Are we being visited by aliens, and if so why haven’t they revealed themselves to us in a more appropriate way than in the manner of which some people claim? Isn't it possible that aliens indeed exist but out of the scope of our level of conscious awareness. Consider the fact that we only experience moments inbetween time like a strobelight which leaves ample room for aliens to manipulate what we observe during the blanks on a need to know basis. Most if not all of the people that claim to have been abducted by aliens also claim that they have been paralyzed which in a way could be compared with sleep paralysis, talking of which makes me think of autism being somewhere in between being paralyzed and capable of normal movement hence a different perception of time in perceiving the world to be playing of in slow motion. It’s almost like living in slow motion caught up between two worlds of reality of frozen time and fast motion. What does a person really experience during a seizure and what brings it on. Dogs not only see more moments during a second “Flicker Fusion Rate” but also have a much more advance smelling capability. Elephants on the other hand can hear below our frequency threshold. Then there are those individuals capable of doing mind blowing calculations in split seconds, and even individuals capable of seeing sound in color "Synesthesia". Many more such phenomena’s exists of which I could go on and on until you get to realize that all of these have a common denominator, “Time”. Is our very existence really happening at the rate at which we are experiencing it, or is it possible that we are actually living at a snails pace with our minds creating the illusion of a much faster rate as to enable us to experience our existance in the way that we do.
Questions like these have fascinated me since childhood, literally preventing me from leading a normal life. It has and still does possess me like some evil force, occupying my mind for far longer than I care to remember. It just will not let go of me, not even for one moment, try as hard as I might. This is an obsession which will one day carry me to my grave and beyond. For whatever it may be worth, I’ve literally spend thousands upon thousands of hours of mental struggle and torment of my mind, forming and reforming each and every thought and idea that I’ve ever encountered. It’s only after many years of struggle and partially also by pure luck that I finally discovered a purposeful meaning to it all. As absurd as this might sound, all of these, in fact, our whole existence ranging from the smallest of matter up to the grander scale of the universe are the realization of only one thing “Our Levels of Awareness” which creates our "Perceptions of Time". Once “Our Perceptions of Time” is fully understood, will it open up new doorways of understanding behind which lies an abundance of new insights, capable of literally explaining everything. This is a discovery that is guaranteed to blow your mind. I named this discovery “Levels of Consciousness” which differs across all levels of life. We are entrapped like birds in a cage by none other than our subconscious minds, only allowing us to experience our existence on a need to know basis.
At this moment of my life understanding time is like riding a bike. My biggest challenge yet is getting people to give me a chance to explain my discovery and help them to get to understand it. I have no doubt that I will eventually get the world to realize the enormity of this discovery. 
Only by taking my work serious and making a proper study of it, will you get to discover the realities thereof.
“There are different Levels of Consciousness” which creates different illusions of durations of time among different species. In short, a fly perceive a day to be five times as long as that of a human, a dog about one and one-third that of a human and a elephant perceive a day as about two thirds of a humans day. The more intelligent we become the shorter we will perceive days to be. As we grow older, “Loosing brain cells” will help create an illusion of days becoming shorter as our subconscious minds continuously adjust the time frame of our conscious minds. The more intelligent the being, the larger the units of time that will be consumed into single moments of awareness as to increase the minds computational ability. The less intelligent the being, the smaller will be the units of time consumed into single moments of awareness due to a lesser computational need. Each moment of awareness no matter how long or how short will be perceived of as the same duration in the mind of the perceiver hence a human versus a fly both experiencing different realities of time. Although it might not make sense for now, endure with me and I assure you that you will be mentally rewarded beyond your wildest expectations. This new revelation will literally blow your mind, especially when you get to learn that whatever we experience as “The Moment” has actually already happened quite a while ago. This will become quite evident later on. Our conscious awareness of the moment is a delayed reaction strictly revealed on a need to know basis hiding the realities from our real existence which is happening slower than a snails pace. Once you fully understand this concept of time then literally all mysteries will become crystal clear. After all, the realities are that it’s not lightning, explosions, light or anything else that are so fast, but in fact we that are so slow for reasons that will reveal itself in due course. Sleep paralysis for example is nothing other than being momentarily exposed to the real time frame of our existance when the transitional gate between our conscious and subconscious minds are left open for a brief moment. "Your mind functioning at supersonic speed literally causing time to froze up"

Galileo Gallilei said: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

However! What he failed to mention is that out of human nature, we usually only tend to believe in things when it's complicated enough to make us doubt our very understanding of the subject.

Please note that not for one moment am I trying to portray any religious believes whatsoever, as this is not what it’s about other than to explain my discovery.

All that’s required from you is to have a open mind and the desire to gain a real understanding relating to the realities of our existence. Having such a desire will require that you put aside everything that you have ever been taught and carefully study all that I have to offer. What you are about to be exposed to will most definitely need time to mature in your mind as it’s a new concept unlike anything you’ve ever been exposed to or heard of before. It’s extremely important that you should read and conceptualize this theory from the very beginning and not skip to any sections as it will probably lead to a misunderstanding and confusion. Please take note that this is not a spelling or grammar test and should be excused as my home language is Afrikaans. Please feel free to send me improvements on any text, grammar or explanations and I will gladly do the corrections.

By getting to understand the real concept of time will enable you to understand why and how each and everything works, revealing the ultimate picture of our existence. Only by understand time will you be enabled to appreciate the simplicities rather than the delusional complexities of our existence.
A Solid Universe "Ether - Aristotle".
Only once the concept of time is fully understood by having matured in your mind will you get to understand the truth that we "Atomic Matter" exists and filtrates at a snails pace through a solid universe which I named Universal-Fluid. It can be compared with water filtrating through a sponge.
Ether was proposed by the greek philosopher Aristotle. The Michelson-Morley experiment was later used by Einstein to refute the existance of Ether to further his theory of Special Relativity. Experiments are unfortunately only as good as the logic behind it, and only by really understanding time can one set up the proper experiments that will yield the correct answers. By understanding the real logic behind a solid universe in relation to the real concept of time will not only add further proof to Einstein's theory of relativity, but also reveal the true nature of gravity for example and why light behaves as both a particle and a wafe.  

Please bug me with as many questions as you like. If this discovery is indeed a truth, then it should hold up to anything you can throw my way.